Over 15 years of experience

Innovations and technologies

Cooling factory

Modernization of the chilled water system involving the replacement of the old cooling system with a new energy-efficient system using IF units and changes in the piping inside the production hall. The project required a high cooling capacity due to the efficiency of the machines

Central cooling

The entire investment was guided by the idea of energy efficiency and reliability. An essential part of the project became the "freecooling" system, as well as proper control and component redundancy, providing a sense of security for the entire process.

Container cooling

The cooling system was designed with the space available to the investor in mind. With no rooms or space around the production hall, the units had to be placed on the roof together with tank and pump assemblies.

SMED - Reducing changeover times

Thanks to SMED our customers gain higher production flexibility, control over the changeover process, higher productivity of changed machines and processes, raised workplace organization standards, shorter production translate times, and much more.

Feeding and Drying System

The implementation of a central material feeding system based on vacuum pumps for injection molding machines. The distribution piping system, specifically adapted to the customer's needs, allowed for optimal use of the production hall, despite a complex topology.


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