Over 15 years of experience

Innovations and technologies

Additional silos and a new material feeding system

One of our clients, after fruitful and satisfying cooperation, decided to expand their production plant with additional silos and introduce a new material feeding system!

Cooling for a technological line

We present our cooling design for a technological line with different process temperatures, based on a BRW and an integrated SIREG water cooling system.

Comprehensive relocation of silos

Recently, for one of our clients, we have carried out a comprehensive relocation of silos including connection to the powder feeding system.

Professional periodic inspection

Regular inspections are the key to long and trouble-free operation of the devices. Take care of it with Emplast - it's worth investing in peace and efficiency!

Modernization of the cooling system

We modernized the cooling system for one of our clients. The existing chilled water system was improved by adding a new installation in the existing tank, based on a plate exchanger.

Increasing production capacity

We completed a key project and implementation of the modernization of the cooling system. Our goal was not only to increase production capacity, but also to ensure flexibility and efficiency for years to come.