Mills and crushers

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Since 1979, CMG has been designing and implementing post-production waste grinding systems. From the beginning, the company’s innovative approach to projects translates into a wide range of products and a qualified team. CMG mills and crushers have already been used by over 20,000 customers around the world.

Currently, CMG is active in six application sectors in the recycling industry:

  • Thermoforming – continuous and single-station applications
  • extrusion – sheet metal, foil, pipes, profiles
  • blow molding – packaging, tanks, fittings
  • injection molding – bumpers, dashboards, lights, collectors, PET preforms, PVC fittings, electrical equipment, boxes, bins
  • cables – systems for grinding and recycling plastics

CMG’s offer is complemented by reliable systems for dedusting, storage and transport of regrind.

Mills and crushers


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