Measurement technology for laboratory and production

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Krahl-Messtechnik’s specialists advise industrial companies, institutes and universities on the use of moisture determinations. They manufacture moisture analyzers, mainly for the plastics industry, with a view to making the equipment as precise as possible combined with ease of use. This allows them to be used in the areas of production, quality control and in the testing of materials delivered to the customer. The most popular model in Krahl-Messtechnik’s range of moisture analyzers is the SRK-10, which is characterised by measuring the moisture content of the material to three decimal places (0.001%), making it possible to measure the water content of all commonly used plastic granulates such as PA, ABS, PC, PET and many others. An SRK-100 version with an accuracy of 0.01% is also available. Emplast is a distributor of Krahl moisture analysers in Poland, and in addition to distribution, we also provide calibration and servicing of these devices.
Measurement technology for laboratory and production


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