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We are a team of professionals with an individual approach to each customer.

Our purpose is to assess the needs of our business partners as accurately as possible and provide them with the most effective solutions available for the plastics industry. Emplast specialists will guide your company through the entire process of investment, technical specifications and requirements as well as providing technical support during the use of the delivered machinery and equipment.


As regards cooling and feeding systems, we support our customers with energy and performance analysis for the implementation or upgrading of the customer’s current solutions and technologies.


We implement SMED techniques to streamline the production process and save time during machine changeovers.

The experience we have gained through many years of existence on the market has helped us to establish stable relationships with our clients. The high quality of our services, expert advice and fast service allow us to reach more and more customers every day.


Central plastic distribution systems

The central system consists of many different machines and devices. For years Emplast has been working with well-known brands in the area of control, feeding, dosing and drying. In the area of central systems, we use products from companies such as Busch, Siemens and Simatec. Cooperation with recognized manufacturers allows our engineers to use their experience and know-how in the best possible way. Thanks to the solutions we offer, the customer achieves a competitive advantage, reduces the operating costs the system and receives a product tailored to its current and future needs, while the synergy between the devices allows supervision and control of material consumption on the production line.


Cooling factory - container cooling

Among the cooling systems installed at customers’ facilities over the last few years, energy-efficient freecooling solutions have been the most popular. Emplast meets the changing trends by offering reliable cooling systems that combine the high cooling capacity of gas chillers with the energy efficiency of fan batteries while remaining fully modular and mobile. The water and glycol systems of our partner Industrial Frigo® provide the necessary cooling power for the current demand. The cooling system makes full use of atmospheric conditions, which directly translates into lower electricity consumption, with a return on investment already within the first few years of operation.

Industry 4.0

Emplast 4.0

Progressive digitalisation makes it possible to centralise the production processes of all machines, which translates into significant cost savings and a rapid response to anomalies occurring during production. The solution created by Emplast allows the user to integrate devices and machines on the production line, according to the standards of Industry 4.0. The peripherals offered by Emplast are equipped as standard with modules that facilitate integration into existing systems.


We apply the SMED technique

Saving time, streamlining processes and increasing security are just some of the advantages of using SMED – Single Minute Exchange of Die (quick changeover). With AMF, Magbo and RTC Couplings, we can successfully offer comprehensive solutions and benefits of SMED. Through an in-depth analysis of workstation operations, our engineers help optimize the cost and time needed to rebuild machines, while increasing safety and working standards.

High-tech hot runner control systems

Emplast, together with Nolden GmbH, offers comprehensive control, diagnostic and monitoring systems for hot runners. Thanks to Nolden’s innovative products, our customers have an easier time working and operating their equipment. EvoControl technology is a patented control method for hot runners that removes the negative effects of PID-based systems once and for all and revamps temperature control. Thanks to this modern technology, the user is able to control the cooling system, nozzles, hydraulics and internal pressure in the injection form.


Control of process water flow and temperature in the form

In the plastics industry, in many processes, temperature control molds are crucial for component quality and machine productivity. The flow rates in the individual cooling circuits have a huge impact on temperature regulation. The technology developed by RTC helps to measure this in every cooling circuit and not only sends out alarm signals, but also processes all the measurement data. The main difference that distinguishes Hurracan Flow Control is its contactless measurement sensors, as well as software that is open and ready for Industry 4.0.

Technological process automation

The transport of the plastic or the final product is crucial in any company dealing with plastics processing. Technologically advanced straight, folding or lift conveyors, allowing work programming and metal separation, are an essential piece of equipment for any modern factory. Since 2011, ROMA has specialised in developing concepts for industry in the field of conveying, handling and filtering mainly in the plastics production and rubber industry. Emplast aims to meet customer requirements while ensuring reliability and expertise by offering high-end equipment manufactured by ROMA.


Industrial waste management

Due to the increasing emphasis on green technologies, also in plastics processing, we are focusing on recycling through a partnership with Italian mills and crushers manufacturer CMG. Since 1979, this company has been designing and implementing systems for grinding post-production waste. The company’s innovative approach to projects translates into a wide range of products – from bench mills to high-performance plastic and cable crushers. CMG’s offering is complemented by reliable dust collection, storage and milling transport systems. Emplast’s specialists help to select the right equipment for the customer’s needs, even for non-standard solutions.


Storage and unloading of plastics

Storage, transportation, and unloading of plastic material form the initial phase of the production process. Like any other phase, it plays an important role in the process due to the quality of semi-finished products, transportation time and quality, and working conditions. Achberg is a renowned supplier and manufacturer of innovative and efficient solutions for storing and transporting bulk materials in the plastics industry. The company’s products are used wherever injection molding, extrusion, and blow molding are involved. The portfolio includes products for processing various raw materials, taking into account the individual properties of bulk materials.

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We have an international network of partners consisting of well-established European manufacturers as well as young companies that introduce innovative products for the industry. As a result, our customers gain a competitive advantage in the market, and working with us is stable, predictable, and profitable.