Gravimetric dispensers

Flexible, compact, precise, rugged, these are just some of the many advantages of the DGS series gravimetric dispenser. Simatec dispensers combine high mechanical quality and modern electronics. They can be used on injection molding machines, extruders, blow molding machines and other equipment, ensuring a high quality production standard and guaranteeing that dye dispensing can be up to 30% less compared to conventional systems.
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The DGS dosing and mixing system is designed for efficient and accurate dosing/mixing of dry, loose thermoplastic materials. DGS is often used on injection moulding machines, extruders and blow moulding machines where consistency and high quality of the finished product is required.
DGS records the exact consumption of all materials, allowing precise calculation of production costs. Due to the high and constant dosing accuracy, the percentage content of the additive can be reduced to lower tolerance limits without rejections or quality loss.
DGS is suitable for dosing primary raw materials (granules), bulk mills, masterbatch and/or additives. This mixing system can be installed directly on the processing machine, on the platform or next to the processing machine. Thanks to the simple removable parts, quick cleaning and material change is guaranteed.

The components are dosed one after the other into the weighing container, which is supported by an accurate weighing system. After weighing, the whole batch is discharged into the mixing chamber and the horizontal mixer ensures a consistent mixture. The level sensor in the mixing chamber controls the entire mixing cycle. DGS is an economical and user-friendly mixing system.


– All parts in contact with plastic made of stainless steel
– Extremely easy to clean – no tools required
– Tensometer protected against damage
– Light alarm
– Programmable material level sensor in mixing chamber
– Automatic blowing of material level sensor
– Control panel: menu in English, easy to use, touch screen and keyboard, status indicator in the form of text comments and much more
– USB connector for recording dosing data on a storage medium. Data reading possible in MS Excel
– Start/stop buttons allowing to resume/stop the dispenser according to the last recipe without the need to connect the control panel
– Acoustic alarm


Installation example:
– Directly on the processing machine throat
– On the rack with vacuum container next to the processing machine
– With or without stand on platform
– If the system is not mounted directly on the processing machine, it is recommended to install an additional material control valve under the mixing chamber


The handheld touchscreen controller is microprocessor controlled and can be used with one or more DGS systems.

ChargerV / Hz240 / 50-60240 / 50-60400 / 50-60
400 / 50-60
400 / 50-60
400 / 50-60
Batch weightkG0.51.5251025
Number of componentsmin - max442 - 62 - 62 - 72 - 10
EfficiencykG/h50300195 - 420355 - 945750 - 18001000 - 2750
Tank capacitylitry67,5 - 1135 (85) - 1135 (85) - 1180 - 5025 - 70 - 160
Energy consumptionkW0.050.150.450.450.551.10
Compressed air supplybar666666
Compressed air consumptionNl/h6060250250± 250± 250
Dimensions width x length x heightmm450 x 450 x 685600 x 700 x 805950 x 950 x 115950 x 950 x 1265950 x 950 x 1151750 x 1750 x 2150
Weight (approx.)KG35607580300400

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