Dry air dryer

DES series dryers belong to the group of the most efficient dryers and are therefore designed to eliminate moisture from hygroscopic polymers and save energy. Depending on the dryer model, the dew point can reach an average of -60°C, therefore they are also suitable for drying technical polymers.
High Capacity Blower
Diff programs setting
Drying tower with molecular sieves
Dew point -40°C
Out of water
Programmable maintenance
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ModelAir flowMaximum temperatureFanHeating powerConsumption
DES111 50 m³/h140 °C 0,2 kW4,5 (5,7*) kW 80°C at 1.5kW
DES11280 m³/h140 °C 0,4 kW6,6 (7,4*) kW 80°C at 2kW
DES113100 m³/h140 °C 0,75 kW6,9 (7,7*) kW 80°C at 2.5kW
A combination of devices
ModelTRS40TRS60TRS100 TRS150 TRS200
ModelA (mm)B (mm)H (mm)Ø (mm)
DES111424 800112550

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