Blend mixer


This mixer called BLEND is suitable for mixing small quantities of product
It is therefore suitable when the product batches are not very large
The mixing principle is the following: on request, the screw is enclosed in a tube and the material is fed from the top. The mixed product is usually taken by means of a suction nozzle and fed into one of the two cone-shaped side tubes of the container. The gate valve for rapid unloading and/or cleaning inside the mixer hopper and the hopper lid are protected by micro switches

Technical features

Mixer realized in varnished FE (as an option in INOX 304)
Capacity of the mixer 240 litres
Mixer screw rotation speed 200 per minute
Power of the transmission group 0,75 kW
Mixer standing on rotating wheels (two with brake)
Mixer complete with Genius Control Panel having the following functions:
Manual: march/stop through plungers
Automatic: functioning for the established time of run
Safety: circuit to stop the mixer’s functioning if the cap is raised or to let the mixer run with raised cap
Standard motor supply voltage 400V/50 Hz

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