Compact touch control

Economical alternative to temperature control

In many cases, hot-runner temperature control alone is sufficient and complex additional functions such as internal pressure measurement and servos are not required. This is where our compact NR8000 touch controller offers the ideal solution: the intuitive, very user-friendly NOLDEN Smart Touch System with all the functions of the NR8000 in a compact nastolite housing for hot runners from 8 to 32 zones. Cascade control and cooling fluid monitoring are also available as an option with this series of touch controllers.

Seria NR 8000-v3

Table-top enclosure, tall design for 24 or 32 zones

Seria NR 8000-v3

Table-top enclosure for 8 to 16 zones

Compact mini touch controller

Convenient touch control for even the "smallest"

The NOLDEN STS touch control system meets the needs of injection moulding machines. We have therefore added and offer this convenient operation also in “mini”-cases for 4,6 or 8 zones. The operation and data storage are identical for all touch controllers from 4 to 120 control zones, making it easy to switch between the different units. Unfortunately, there is no room for additional functions in the very compact housing, with the exception of coolant monitoring, which is also available as an option for the NR8000 Mini. Here too, the user will find evoControl© on board.

Seria NR 8000-v3 mini

Mini table-top enclosure for 4, 6 or 8 zones
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