Nolden multifunctional concept

Our vision of process control

It has to be simple – easy to install and easy to use! Based on this vision developed the multifunctional NOLDEN concept that combines in one device all the control functions required in an injection mold, such as also in the hot runner. This means less space around the injection molding machine, less cabling and simplified data maintenance for all functions devices. Another advantage – the device “moves with the tool” and can can be used on any suitable injection molding machine, which means more flexibility in production planning.


Individual monitoring of all cooling channels
Effective tool cooling is critical for detail quality. In order to achieve an economical cycle time, bridging all cooling channels is often not enough, here the parallel connection of all channels with the proven ORCA measuring manifold helps. All flow and temperature alarms are displayed and monitored directly in the NOLDEN control system.

Servo motor

Servo motor control directly from the hot runner controller
Servomotors are rapidly conquering tool technology and replacing hydraulic or pneumatic cylinders – precisely, very quickly and maintenance-free. All common motors can be connected directly to the NOLDEN hot runner controllers of the NR8000 series. Suitable for both linear and rotational applications, the visualization adapts automatically.

Cascade control

Sequential control of needle lifting actuators
For parts with a large area or smaller thicknesses walls, hot runner nozzles often need to be controlled sequentially, this is not a problem with NOLDEN cascade control. Activation may be time or cochlear dependent; it is also possible to perform several needle movements in one injection cycle. Exchange of signals with the injection molding machine using the core extraction interface (EUROMAP) or using programmable inputs and outputs.

Internal pressure measurement

Hot runner controller direct injection pressure monitoring
Pressure monitoring waMeasuring the internal pressure directly in the cavitation space is the current state of the art – unfortunately, it is often very expensive and cumbersome to operate. In NOLDEN, pressure sensors are connected directly to the control unit, visualization and monitoring of injection curves is done simply on the touch screen. Both direct sensors and underlay sensors can be controlled independently of the manufacturer. Integrated patented evaluation for NOLDEN direct injection control systems in the hot runner controller
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