O-ROUND: a basic turntable to fill boxes/cartons or bags
Disc structure made of stainless steel AISI 430 thickness 4 mm
Possible to install some supporting brackets for boxes/cartons or a bag-holder frame supported by a central rod
Turntable complete with control panel TV having the following functioning logic:
An external voltage-free normally open NO clean contact linked to the production cycle of the IMM is memorized by the relative pulse counter.  Every enabling signal on the input corresponds to a moulding phase and every moulding phase corresponds to a certain quantity of product.  The number of enabling signals required to fill the container is selected on the control panel. Once the selected number of enabling signals has arrived, the pulse counter stops the loading conveyor, starts counting the enabling signals from zero again, turns the table to the next loading station and starts the loading conveyor once more. Any stamping phases that may have occurred as the machine switched from one loading station to the next will be memorized by the pulse counter.

The control panel is complete of a signal that can be used to stop the loading conveyor during the turntable’s rotation during the turntable’s rotation

Technical features

Possible diameter Ø 1200 mm or Ø 1450 mm
Height of the disc from the floor = ~250 mm
Capacity of the turntable 120 kg – 140 kg
Speed of the turntable 1,7 – 2,2 tours per minute
Standard motor supp

O-round Dimensions
DimensionD (mm)H (mm)CapacityRotation speed
O-Round.a1200250120 kg2,2 rpm
O-Round.b1450250140 kg2,2 rpm
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