Container solutions

Airpol containerised compressor stations are used wherever a source of compressed air or nitrogen is required, but it is not possible to build a compressor room in the company building. They enable high mobility and use of the compressed air system anywhere, while ensuring optimal working conditions and protection of the equipment inside from external factors.

All station equipment is configured based on individual customer needs. The size of the container depends on the type and quantity of equipment installed inside, such as compressors, nitrogen generators, boosters, tanks, separators, filters and compressed air dryers. Over the course of several decades, Airpol specialists have designed and manufactured hundreds of container stations for the compression of air, nitrogen or even carbon dioxide. They supply the compressed medium to many industrial enterprises in the country, but also to a huge number of companies all over the world. Airpol container stations are individually designed to meet the requirements of customers in a specific climate zone.

The design and construction of container stations hold no secrets for us. Present us with your investment plans for a compressed air or other gas system and we will help you realise them with an optimal combination of the highest quality workmanship and a competitive price.

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