Big blend


BIG BLEND mixer is a solution that has always been used for mixing plastic material granules. It consists of an outer frame made of painted sheet metal and an internal screw (optional in BIG BLEND 2/3 and 4) inside a tube for mixing the contents. The material to be mixed is fed into the loading hopper, the screw receives it from below and carries it upwards releasing it on top, spreading it inside the mixer body with a radius of 360°. After about 15/20 minutes, the material is perfectly mixed
The BIG BLEND includes the control panel, with the Start and Stop functions and time settings
The inspection hatches for the screw conveyor and mixer are protected by safety microswitches

Technical features

The mixed material outlet tube is complete with gate valve
Screw is enclosed in a tube along its entire length
When the inspection hatch is open, big blend will not run
Both doors have a pair of safety latches and microswitches for protection
The power cable and cables of the micro switches are protected in a cable duct

King Dimensions
DimensionCapacityA (mm)
B (mm)C (mm)D (mm)E (mm)F (mm)G (mm)H (mm)
BIG BLEND 2/3500 lt2550850600200800150850
BIG BLEND 41000 lt305010606502808002007501250
BIG BLEND 51800 lt320014007003208002309501400
BIG BLEND 62500 lt350015007003208002309501450
BIG BLEND 73500 lt390016007003208002309501500
BIG BLEND 85000 lt4200190075032080023010001800
BIG BLEND 98000 lt4600235075032080023010001950
BIG BLEND 1010000 lt5100235075032080023010001950
BIG BLEND 1114000 lt5600245075032080023011002150
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